Vipar Engineering Product
Vipar Engineering Product

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VIPAR is dedicated to convert alternative resources such as tires, plastics, municipal solid waste into energy. We look into the smallest details - we design, manufacture commercially proven pyrolysis plants. We offer alternative energy business opportunities with an eye towards sustainable environmental regulations and commercial returns.VIPAR is rapidly developing plants using commercially proven technologies that produce fuels, nano-carbons and green energy from waste materials and surface carbon feedstocks.

Our primary applications convert petroleum based waste (such as plastics & tires) into valuable commodities for reuse - reinventing oil with conservation and energy efficiency. At Vipar a dedicated team of designers and technology providers are always ready to take on a challenge. In pursuing our business we consider a wide range of circumstances, including environmental issues such as GHG emissions.

Waste plastic recycling plastic within your unit can now be achieved effortlessly by waste plastic recycling provided by us. Waste tyre should be used efficiently so that the environment can benefit, and we can help you achieve that seamlessly, with a host of products at your disposal to choose from